Our banking clients needed a robust solution to manage their investor conferences. These conferences typically have over 100 Corporate participants needing to meet with over 500 Fund representatives from around 300 Funds. In total over 2000 of interactions need to be coordinated smoothly in the span of 2-3 days.

Following are few of the challenges faced in handling this event when managed using spreadsheets

  • Not possible to handle conflicts
  • Difficult to track availability of participants
  • Not possible to meet specific demands
  • Generating individual meeting schedules is very complicated and time consuming
  • Handling new meeting requests post first cut of allocations tends to disrupt settings
  • Correct handling rescheduling requests and cancellations
  • Multiple rounds of changes in allocations
  • Differentiating between priority clients and others when making allocations is hard
  • Statistical reports for the event are hard to develop

We identified the gaps and provided a robust solution to smoothly manage these events.