• Mobile Sites

    The Mobile Web is fast becoming the platform of choice for viewing websites as well as accessing various apps. Studies reveal that more than 70% marketing success is due to mobile search and more than 50% of consumers make purchases through their mobile device.

    This has maximized the importance of making mobile friendly websites.

    • Attract customers and target wider audience with high impulse buying power
    • Increase sales of goods or services
    • Maximize traffic on your website
    • Have better SEO rankings
    • Enjoy advantage over your competitors
    • Easily track your visitors and mobile success

    Andesoft can redesign your website to help it go mobile. We develop your mobile website with your business individuality intact for you so that your customers or site visitors are able to browse through your website using their mobile phones. Incompatible pieces of code are replaced with HTML5 and JavaScript to keep the user experience in tact.

    Sites built with the older Flash format can also be converted into HTML5.

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps are the latest dimension of customer access. Mobile Apps allow for a rapidly growing level of access to data, functions and features never before available.

    We have successfully built native apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Clients also have the flexibility to deploy solutions that translate seamlessly between both formats from a unified code-base allowing for more efficient and productive platform-independent management of the app in terms of bug fixes and future version releases.