Social media
Social media is the modern word-of-mouth marketing tool. It’s not easy to engage, but the payoff is generous. A strong social media presence is fast becoming essential for any business, advocacy campaign and individuals alike.

How can Social Media help you better impact your customers

Social Media is the water-cooler conversation hub of our times. A presence on the social web is mandatory today. Fcebook, Twitter amd Linked In presence is far more impactful than traditional advertising on the web. These assets are key adjuncts to a primary web site with the capability of chaneling customers, and more importantly the right customers, to your business. Simply tell the social world about yourself and . If you are in business and your products or services are in demand, you will be searched for, you will be found, and you will be followed.


Andesoft offers a full host of social media services

Our designers will help make your Facebook fan pages neat, attractive, and engaging. Once the pages are in place they’ll help you get the word out to your customers about how unique your business is. Your Facebook fan pages will be a virtual extension of your personality. For many businesses Facebook has been a huge success. We can design custom Facebook fan page graphics, banner images, and applications that can help set you apart from your competition. Andesoft can deliver rich, custom, dynamic, and unique Facebook page designs that will increase exposure and create a more engaging presence.

Social mediaDevelopment and Integration

Is your brand engaging? Andesoft can also help you develop apps for Facebook. Engage the visitors to you social asset via apps that keep them coming back and connected within your business circle. In today's connected business space, social media networking holds the key to a successful marketing strategy. Viral Facebook applications can dramatically increase your brand reach and user engagement.

...and don't forget to Tweet it!

Twitter is a much simpler platform than Facebook, but equally, if not more, important for your business. One tweet a day of 140 characters or less on a custom designed twitter page about what you do provides insight into your business to an audience of 100 million! We can also provide you with the training, resources and/or the knowledge needed to run a successful Twitter campaign.