Sales Force Automation

Our pharmaceutical client faced a difficult situation in managing its 7000 sales representatives and reaching hundreds of thousands of physicians.

  • High turnover rate in the salesforce – 50% of representatives had less than one year of experience and little time for training
  • The CRM was controlled by a major enterprise software vendor who was not responsive to changing business needs
  • Core functions like call lists, call reporting, and expense management were all major sources of pain and inefficiency with low and slow compliance
  • After CRM training, only 25% of representatives could complete daily reporting in less than 30 minutes per day
  • The master list of physicians contained over 1.5 million unique entries where practicing physicians numbered about 600,000

Andesoft’s solution identified & corrected the key gaps

  • Moved to cloud-based CRM platform to lower expense and time needed for updates
  • Tested all screens & step-by-step processes for usability with brand-new representatives
  • Led data cleansing effort for physicians removing a large number of duplicates and outdated records, while adding thousands of new high-value customers

Business results included:

  • Over 90% of representatives completed call and expense reporting on-time, with an average time requirement of 15 minutes daily
  • Captured more detailed call information
  • Fully integrated e-detailing aids & other electronic assets

More accurate customer prioritization & customer development action plans supported directly in the CRM.


Clinical Trial Data Management

A large pharmaceutical company wanted to establish an online communication and collaboration portal for the parties involved in its clinical trials.

  • Simplifying, streamlining, and speeding communications
  • Reaching all clinical trial participants – office-based physicians, hospitals, Clinical Research Organizations and others
  • Supporting detailed customization for diverse therapeutic areas, products, and clinical trials all with unique needs
  • Conform to enterprise-wide content and communication protocols
  • Need to reduce total cost for IT support

Our inputs focused on the following key areas

  • Findings from focus groups and one-on-one interviews to identify and prioritize the interests of all stakeholders and future users.
  • Developed the portal and content services with a point-and-click user interface for administration to facilitate the creation of individual portals without the need for programming services. This enabled teams to manage content without IT support.

The platform is being used to provide individual portals to 50+ clinical trials facilitating the communication of information within days instead of weeks.


Build Group Practice Insights & Analysis

Comprehensive Trend Analysis: Tracking trends in the marketplace for a known 'real' group practice.

Compose groups using data sourced from specialist third party agencies - then track and monitor their performance. Custom group practices allow users to create their own trackable collections of doctors - identify the right prescribers using highly sophisticated, yet simple to operate search mechanisms. Directly see the effect of sales and marketing efforts, measure impace and adjust tactics.

Trends show the performance of the group to a very deep level of granularity, allowing users to slice by any combination of geography, market, product or payer/account/plan and rapidly switch between different metrics.

Custom Group Practices: Creation of new group practices is easy - end users have the ability to search for a collection of prescribers and then track that list as a collective group. Plus monitor individual doctor prescribing characteristics.

Payer Breakdown: Monitor the composition of payers (accounts/plans) which contribute to the performance of the group.

Provide your head office and field based users with an extreme performance application delivering vast levels of information for real group practices and for custom groups they compose themselves. Easy deployment via a standard web browser. Integrate with Microsoft Office applications for information delivery to colleagues, customers or third parties.

High performance: Working via a highly evolved datamart design, all interactive user queries and reports are satisfied in real time, with response times typically less than 1 second, and never more than 5 seconds. Even when working with huge datasets - upwards of 1 terrabyte.

Data integration: Utilize other data sources within your company - such as formulary, physician ranking, samples and details, etc. Or add other sources from third parties - such as market research data. It can all be integrated into the same application - providing 'one version of data'.