Content Management System, User Experience.


The legal group within a Fortune 50 company wanted to improve the communication and collaboration within the group and foster a sense of community, especially given its geographically dispersed nature. Additionally, they wanted to provide their internal clients improved access to information about their services. The IT group supporting them wanted to ensure a standards-based, scalable solution.


We conducted primary user research, both within the Legal Group and the client community, to identify functionality and content that engaged users. Then we created a personalized intranet and implmented a Documentum and Weglogic-based Content Management System to enable self-service content administration. Ensured adoption through user training and change management campaigns.


The intranet has improved communication within the group and has enabled the client community to gain a better understanding of their services. This success has led to significant expansion in the scope of the intranet, and it has become a model for others within the organization.


BEA Weblogic, Documentum.