Insurance Policy Bookings System

Today's businesses are under continuous pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity – to do more with less. Through our services, we help our clients leverage information and technology to improve their business performance. At Andesoft, we have adopted an integrated approach to technology services. Our teams are blended with a mix of on- and off-shore resources, and pull from five primary disciplines:

  • Strategy
  • Process
  • Information / Data
  • Technology
  • User Experience

We provide a varied host of digital production and data services which include:

  • Data management and reporting
  • Business and competitor intelligence collection systems
  • Sales Force Automation to achieve better market segmentation and campaign management
  • Physician Targeting via Rx data collection and analysis
  • Marketing Toolkits and Dashboards
  • Web Portals, CMS, and CRM technologies
  • Brand Plans and Brand Activity Calendars

We began working with major US Pharmaceutical companies providing them with ANalytics and DEsign (ANDEsoft) around the vast quantities of data ranging from Clinical Trials to Physician Targeting. Our experience with this and other major industries is in producing extremely accurate business intelligence from various sources of data, and combining this data with fast and critical reporting.

We focus on providing a different prospective to the reporting and user interface, which often translates to faster reporting combined with a user interface that can improve production and productivity. Members of our teams work together seamlessly throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that the right solution is delivered to our clients.

Technical areas of focus:

  • .Net Desktop and Web applications
  • Open Source PHP deployments
  • DB Technologies
  • System Architecture Design and Planning
  • Data Migration
  • Change Management
  • Training
  • AMC and system maintenance services