Investor Conference Management Matrix

What is the Investor Conference Management Matrix (ICMM)?

ICMM is an event management tool which enables the host bank to smoothly schedule numerous meetings with rapid response times to real world changes as they occur. The application uses a complex algorithm to handle conflicts and presents the user with a very simple interface to manage their event.

ICMM is capable of handling multiple events simultaneously.

Corporate and Fund registrations capture the availability information for each individual participating for the event.

Multiple user-defined formats like 1x1, Groups and Main Track Presentation, etc can be managed seamlessly with user definable custom parameters to define each of these formats.

The Fund, the Fund Representative, and the Corporate Representative can be tiered in user defined categories to ensure that individuals of matching seniority are correctly matched to interact with each other in the course of meetings.

A set of user definable algorithms allow event managers to make Auto Allocations to speed up the process.

Multiple methods of allocations for the various meetings make the application highly flexible.

Meeting requests from fund representatives to meet with specific Corporates are collected in the system along with their preferences such as order of priority, day(s) they are available, and meeting format preferred.

Investor Conference Management MatrixReports assist users to make quick and precise decisions both before and during and event.

Additionally MIS reports provide various statistics on the meetings allocated, plus other key items that can be utilized for a variety of uses such as press releases, measuring the success of the event and future planning.

The schedules generated can be directly sent to participants via email with a quick summary of their day.